By Sarah Bowman
Sarah BowmanThe American Academy of Pediatrics has just updated their recommendations around screen time (again), easing slightly their caution around use of screens for children younger than eighteen months as a way of keeping up with the reality of parenting in the digital age — reiterating their focus on the importance of quality content and parent supervision.

Common Sense Media’s research on children’s screentime and the organization’s guidelines for watching are pointed to by the AAP. Learn more about how to make quality choices around screen time by consulting Common Sense’s information-rich website, and by signing up for their regular newsletter. The organization was founded in 2003 and is the nation’s most relied upon resource for rates and reviews all media for families. Common Sense provides free digital citizenship materials for schools across the country, and also advocates for all kids both in the State of California and federally.

The best way to learn more, and support the nonprofit’s free resources, is to attend the Common Sense LA Luncheon on Wednesday, November 16 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where Common Sense Founder and CEO Jim Steyer will speak on a panel with Joanna Coles (Hearst Media), Dee Dee Myers (Warner Bros.) titled “The New Normal? Relationships in the Digital Age.” The panel will be moderated by Willow Bay, of USC’s Annenberg School.

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