By Alex Munchak
Alex MunchakEvery learner is different; therefore, it is crucial to understand your child’s unique learning style in order to help support their study/learning habits. A short online quiz can help assess your child’s learning style, and in turn, allow you to best support their educational journey at home.

This information can also better inform your choices for after-school activities such as camps, sports, and extracurricular classes.

There are 3 main learning styles: Auditory (listening-drawn to sound), Visual (seeing-observant learners) & Kinesthetic (moving- physical learners). Determining which type of learner your child is will facilitate academic success. For example, sitting down at a quiet table to do homework, may not be an ideal learning environment for your child. Instead, your child may benefit from standing up, sitting on a bouncy ball, listening to music or background noise etc. has an easy quiz that your child can take in 5 minutes. The results will reveal your child’s learning style, and you will be given learning tips and strategies to aid in their academic success. This will surely make your child’s learning process smooth, effective and efficient!

Take the quiz here.

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