When Do I Teach My Child To Swim

By Sharolyn Leithold
Sharolyn LeitholdWe all wonder “at what age should I teach my child to swim?” On the long list of things we must do for our kids “before they turn 5,” swimming is important. You may be surprised to find out that you can start water training your child as early as a few months old. They won’t be able to swim when they are so young because they don’t have the necessary motor skills, but there are many things we can do right now to prepare them for the swimming they will learn when they are a little older. (more…)

Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Summer

By Talia Joseph
Talia JosephSummer is just around the corner so be prepared to face the sun with these simple skincare tips.

Load up on water. Increased heat can easily cause dehydration, leaving your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. To determine how much water is enough, divide your weight by two, the result is the number of ounces of water you should drink daily. If you love drinking summertime cocktails and iced coffee you must drink an additional glass of water for each of these as alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating. (more…)

5 Tips to Get in Shape

Sharolyn LeitholdDon’t let bikini season sneak up on you! I can promise that you will face this summer loving yourself.
5 changes you can make to give yourself a lean and healthy body:

1). Avoid white foods. flour, refined carbs, starches and sugar. The word is avoid, not eliminate. We have to be realistic, but if you can avoid these foods 80% of the time it will make a huge difference in your health and the way your body looks. They are acidic, they compromise your immune system, they convert to sugar which causes your pancreas to release insulin and this causes your body to store fat. 威而鋼

Having a Great Relationship with your Nanny

nanny doctorOther than you and your significant other, your nanny is one of the most important people in your child’s life. It may be hard for some parents to think of their nannies in this way for various reasons, many related to your own feelings about being separated from your child, however your nanny’s relationship with your child is an incredibly important one. One of the most important aspects of the nanny-family relationship is being on the same page so that your child is guaranteed to be living in the most nurturing and healthy environment possible. If you and your nanny have a harmonious relationship, your child will benefit ten-fold! (more…)

Tips on Remodeling Your Kid’s Room

An exclusive interview with international designer Carrie Livingston.

Carrie Livingston shares her secrets on remodeling.

Carrie LivingstonQuestion: My kids want a “grown up” tween room. Any suggestions for how I can give them what they want without spending a fortune?

Answer: When taking on a kids decorating project, allow your kids to be a part of the process. Kids are full of creativity and enthusiasm. Allowing them to be a part of the planning, shopping and work gives them the feeling that their opinion counts. Creating a budget and careful planning at the beginning with your kids, will give them a better understanding of what choices they can make during the process. Allowing them to be a part of creating a space that is a reflection of their own personal style and creativity and one that they can continue to evolve and grow into will give both the parent and child great pride. (more…)

Eating Calcium without Dairy

When you think of getting more CALCIUM into your daily food regime, do you default to increasing your dairy consumption?

By Kathryn Cavanaugh
Kathryn CavanaughWe have been programmed to believe that increasing your dairy products is just what the doctor ordered.
I am going to offer an upgrade. Think beyond the saturated fat-filled milk, cheese and yogurt and opt for something more nutrient dense without all the sludge.

Here is the skinny of Calcium!
Harder than lead but not naturally found in its elemental state, Calcium (Ca) is the fifth most abundant element by mass in the earth’s crust. It might however be surprising to note, it is as well the 5th most abundant element by mass in the human body … Besides LOVE of course! Calcium is essential for living organisms — (more…)

3 Reasons Kids Should Do Yoga

By Jennifer Greenhut
Jennifer GreenhutFirstly, yoga teaches kids fearlessness. Yoga will give children an advantage as they grow up in being courageous and strong. By practicing poses where we balance, go upside down in backbends and headstands, kids will learn to overcome their fears and push their boundaries which is a great lesson to bring with them as they grow and mature.

Secondly, yoga teaches kids how to focus. Breathing techniques, sitting still, and focusing on their breath in meditation, kids will learn to practice concentration. In addition, they will learn how to go ‘inside’ and listen to their bodies and know what is going on as opposed to just reacting to everything ‘outside’. This will give them a huge advantage when it comes to studying, taking tests, playing outside sports, or just being able to express themselves and how they feel. (more…)