Sports Drinks and Your Teeth

Q&A with Beverly Hills Orthodontists Dr. Monica Madan and Dr. Erin Cohen about sports drinks and their relationship with your teeth.

Sports drinks are a staple for any workout. During exercise, you sweat to help relieve the body from heat. Sports drinks rehydrate the body while replacing carbohydrates and electrolytes, like sodium and potassium. Although sports drinks are nothing new to the market, their effect on teeth has not been at the forefront of discussion – until now. (more…)

Summer Family Escapes

By Josh Kafka
It’s hot. School’s out. The timeless questions every parent asks: Where in the world should I take my kids? And how much will it cost me? Physically, emotionally and of course financially?

Well happily, not much. There are several reasonable local options that make for a wonderful, easeful family escape—without too much cost. All of the resorts below come with free bonus perks (if booked with Blisscape) that make staying there much more affordable.


Ojai Valley Resort and Spa (OVS). With beautiful gardens, orchards, fields to play in and a wonderful kids swimming pool, OVS is a perfect family resort. This is the place to go when parents want to slow down and relax while still offering the kids a wonderful time. We love the spa, the many bunnies running around the property, and the location—just an hour from the city. Blisscape bonus amenities: free upgrade to Fireplace Shangri-La room, full breakfasts for two, and free entrance to the spa. (more…)

Tips on Making Family Vacations Educational

By Nathalie Kunin
Nathalie KuninFamily vacations are a time to un-wind, “disconnect” and have fun with your family. They are also wonderful opportunities for learning. Whether your summer plans take you an hour from home or to another continent, travel can be a springboard for learning new skills. Every destination has distinct traits to draw upon – a foreign language, local customs, landmarks or a unique natural setting. Here are some ideas to make your summer vacation a meaningful learning experience.

If you are traveling to a foreign country have your child keep track of foreign exchange rates. Mentally converting the cost of lunch from dollars to another currency is great multiplication and division practice. (more…)

July 4 Treats

By Catherine McCord

Red, White & Blue Pops

Anni DaulterKids running around in swimsuits eating popsicles. That is summer to me. And when those popsicles happen to be red, white and blue? Well, that can only mean it’s the Fourth of July! I vividly remember being a kid, playing with my friends at our local swimming pool and sucking on Bomb Pops (big, red, white and blue rocket-shaped popsicles that seemed all the rage in the 70′s) to cool down in the summer heat. I adored Bomb Pops, looking back, I can’t imagine how much food coloring and sugar I must have ingested over the years. And while those popsicle memories are great, but how can I share them with my own kids without also exposing them to all those unwanted additives and chemicals? There has to be a way to make your own version of those sinfully delicious iced treats — full of eye appealing color — but also healthy at the same time.


Children and Yoga

Yoga helps children focus, eat healthier and gain more energy.

Catherine McCordOwning a children’s yoga company I often hear, “I wish I had been taught yoga as a child.” Since you can feel the benefits of yoga, even after just a few classes, I understand why someone would make this comment. They are thinking how wonderful it would have been to experience those benefits all throughout life.

Here are eight benefits a child might experience from practicing yoga:


Keeping Your Brain Active Over the Summer

Tips on preparing for exams and applying to schools.

By Ellen Richards
Catherine McCord

Parents set the tone for their children’s academic success.

Many people mistakenly believe that education begins in high school when students realize the competition involved in gaining admission to college. Parents and students do themselves a huge favor to remember that the earlier one fosters an appreciation for education, the more likely they will achieve academically. (more…)

Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

By Sharon Vandermerwe
Sharon Vandermerwe

Q: When is a baby ready to be sleep trained?
A: Of course like everything in this life, it varies. My experience has led me to believe that babies are ready to be sleep trained when they are ten to twelve lbs (4.5 to 5.5 kg).

Q: Is the baby’s length of sleep dependent upon whether the baby drinks breast milk or formula before bedtime?
A: There doesn’t seem to be too much of a correlation between the two when it comes to sleep length.

Q: Should a baby be woken up, if they nap for more than a two hour stretch during the daytime?
A: If a baby sleeps for more than a two hour stretch, the baby should be woken up. When babies sleep for longer durations during the day, they have a much harder time differentiating between day and night. (more…)

A Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

gift this FatherLooking for the perfect gift this Father’s Day? Why not create a book that features photos of both Dad and his toddler?! This popular Twigtale title shows your child just how universal a dad’s love is. Click here to get started! Through the end of June, use the coupon code LAMOM20 for 20% off your entire order! *


Let’s face it – most people love reading about themselves. And your kids are no different. You will be surprised at how many times your child will ask you to read “his” or “her” Twigtale story – and amazed at how well they absorb the unique lessons contained within each book. We have created stories that parents can personalize easily using their own photographs and words. Twigtale books are written in simple language so that kids are engaged at their level of development and comprehension. (more…)

Hosting Mother’s Day

By David Rowe
DavidsoloChefYou dedicate every day to enriching your children’s lives and Mother’s Day is about showing our love and appreciation for your influence on not only us, but society. This is your day to spend time with your family and feel pampered. If your kids are too young to plan something special, you can still plan ahead to make sure you can enjoy a wonderful celebration in the company of your loved ones. After all, you don’t get a chance to sit down and relax very often!

Whether you prefer to have an intimate, cozy day with your kids or throw a big celebration for all the mothers in the neighborhood, we have something for you. Unwind and enjoy a gourmet sit-down meal to include exquisite tray-passed hors d’oeuvres, organic fresh salad, a bold and flavorful entrée with a unique twist and a decadent dessert or enjoy a buffet or family-style meal so you can eat to your heart’s content. (more…)

Mother’s Day Recipes

By Catherine McCord
Catherine McCordMother’s Day is a time to celebrate our mothers and ourselves. Here are a few recipes that are easy for dads and kids to whip up for a special Mother’s Day treat for mom.

The following recipe may actually be one of my favorite weelicious recipes because of how versatile it is: I used the mix to make waffles this morning and the kids actually said they were the best I’d ever made!

This recipe makes a bit more mix than what you would normally find in a box of the pre-made stuff, but that’s a plus, especially if you have a house full of pancake lovers. Just keep the mix in a sealed container and anytime you want to make these, just add an egg, milk, a touch of oil and a scoop of mix for whole wheat pancakes or waffles that are sure to please! (more…)