Giving Children a Fair Chance in Life

Go Campaign delivers local solutions to communities around the world.

By Gina Katz

Since 2006, GO Campaign has directly improved the lives of over 160,000 vulnerable children around the world by partnering with 166 pioneering Local Heroes, delivering local solutions to communities in 37 countries. GO Campaign shines a light on grassroots programs and has funded over 430 projects, giving children access to education, medical care, shelter, food, clean water and a fair chance in life.

GO identifies, carefully vets, then listens to Local Heroes around the world who are advocating for change to help vulnerable children in their communities thrive, because they know better than anyone what they need. (more…)

How well are you clearing your body of toxic trash?

Your body detoxifies every second of every day. Functional Medicine expert Bryce Wylde reveals how you can support your body’s master antioxidant, glutathione.

The body continually makes toxins, called endogenous toxins, as part of the metabolic process. We’re also exposed to toxins as part of everyday life. “Our ability to efficiently dispose of all these toxins, also known as free radicals, can have a direct impact on our health,” explains Functional Medicine expert Bryce Wylde, BSC, DHMHS, Homeopath. “We can all use a little support, which is why most of us make a point of consuming antioxidants. But few people realize the body already makes the most powerful antioxidant of them all, the master antioxidant called glutathione.” (more…)

How to Regain Your Family’s Work-Life-School Equilibrium

By Lacie Martin

Is your family feeling off-kilter these days? The world as a whole is pretty off-kilter it seems, and it’s easy to feel like everything is inside-out. Schedules as a rule shifted every which way, and even running errands looks different from how it looked a handful of months ago. Happily, there are several things you can do to get back on track. Check out these resources that will help you and your family regain a healthy sense of balance:

Develop Boundaries

Boundaries are a must for everyone in your family. Reinforcing them in terms of schedules and priorities is the best way to get your footing back on solid ground. (more…)

Chef reveals his three favorite things to eat when stressed

Comfort foods can be exciting and may even improve your mood.

By Chef Gerard Viverto

chef gerard

Raise your hand if you’ve ever eaten something unhealthy because you felt stressed. During trips to the supermarket, I have been shocked to see so many grocery carts overloaded with junk food. I understand that people are tired and seeking comfort. But tater tots and ice cream won’t help, I’ve turned to food to bring me solace. In hindsight, I learned that when you eat poorly, you feel worse so you eat poorly again. After two slices of pie, you might as well eat the whole thing, right? It’s a downward spiral!

Cleaning up your diet may help you feel better physically and emotionally. If that’s still not enough to motivate you, here are three favorite food categories that I reach for whenever I’m stressed. Comfort foods don’t have to be junk. And healthy foods don’t have to be boring.

Maybe one of these food categories will pique your interest:


How to Thrive During the Pandemic

By Shirin Yadegar

shirinWhen schools closed across the country in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring, we found ourselves in a strange situation but we all tried to make the best in our “once in a lifetime” situation at home with our kids.

Now with the indefinite closure of schools we are stressed, exhausted and confused. Making sure the kids are physically, emotionally and academically taken care of is more than we can handle. Organization is the key to success.

That’s why I’ve come up with a list of the best ways to ease the stress and chaos that comes with social distancing. (more…)

Girls Get IT

By Angelica Kessler and Georgia Messinger

Girls Get IT

Looking for virtual summer plans? Girls Get IT is a beginner-friendly computer science education and female empowerment camp.

Founded by Brentwood School alumna, Angelica Kessler and Georgia Messinger, who are now computer science students at Harvard and USC.

The duo started studying computer science in high school and wished they had the opportunity to discover their passion for technology at an earlier age. So they are committed to inspiring the next generation of girls who code! (more…)

What’s new for breakfast? Break free of your rut with these tasty and nutritious alternatives.

By Lauren Harris-Pincus, MD, RDN

LaurenIt’s easy to fall into a home cooking rut. Many of us cycle through the same handful of recipes, made with the same ingredients, week after week. Here is something new to add to the rotation that your entire family will love: sorghum.

Sorghum needs to become a household ingredient. It’s filled with nutrients and user-friendly, even if you’ve never tried it before. And while it is versatile enough to use for any meal, most people are surprised to learn there are many ways to enjoy it at breakfast. These include my favorite Strawberry Vanilla Sorghum Parfait and another family favorite, Apple Cinnamon Raisin Sorghum Bake. Sorghum can also be used as a substitute for oatmeal or other cereals. Just add almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla and a little sweetener. (more…)

Running on Empty

By Dr. Trina Moore-Southall

trinaWhen I was in college, I had no money to spare. I quickly recognized how much money it took to fill my gas tank, and how many miles I could drive until I was empty. I was also keenly aware that Betsy, my 1988 Ford Escort, could drive for 7 miles after she hit empty. I sometimes parked my car 3-4 miles away from my apartment or from my job, or campus, and I would walk to my destination. This was not a good decision for the overall maintenance of my car, and I often drove on empty. I found myself praying that I could get to the gas station if I was approaching 7 miles past empty.

In the last few weeks, I have been 7 miles past empty. There is no gas station in sight. Some of what has taken away from my tank, is being a mother of two Black men. The mileage required for this role is unexplainable. The visibility of racial inequity and injustice across multiple platforms and media has stolen from my tank. The gas required to show up in predominantly white spaces and continue to operate when I am mourning, sad, hurt, and defeated has emptied my tank. (more…)