Corona Therapy Advice

By Dr. Debra Jedeikin

Debra JedeikinAt the very best of times, you have the blessed extraordinarily
intense, demanding work of Motherhood. Right now SuperMoms 2020 need to do battle with COVID-19 – the scariest of bad guys..the unknown! The first surreal week has passed. So has the euphoria that comes with novelty, the fun at-home activities, and efficient organizing. Right about now is the realization that this is here to stay awhile. Now what?!

First things first- Modify your Mindset. Attitude is everything. Carpe Diem! Enjoy this serendipitous gift to get to know your children beyond the daily to-do list. In our fast-paced society, we are always on the move-school, soccer, ballet, tutoring, violin -rushing ourselves and our children. They and we are chronically overscheduled, overtired, and over-anxious.

We’re Homebound: How to Keep Kids Safe Online

By Dr. Gail Dines

Gail DinesYou are on our minds. We hope that you have drawn your loved ones near and that you’re weathering this unprecedented health crisis.

With workplaces shuttered and schools closed for an indeterminate period, many of us are sheltering at home. It’s no surprise that screens will become a central pastime. Young people, especially, will miss their friends, may feel anxious, and will be seeking entertainment and distraction. Young people are especially vulnerable to porn, which is available for free 24/7 via smartphones and on teen platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. We want to make sure you have the tools and tips for keeping your kids safe.

Educator Shares Tips on Thriving During Homeschool

By Nathalie Kunin

Nathalie KuninWhen the Great Plague of London hit in the late 1600s, Isaac Newton was sent home from school as a precaution. At home, he developed many of his most famous concepts, from the beginnings of calculus to theories on optics. And whether he sat under an apple tree or not, it was during this time that he articulated the theory of gravity.

Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our daily routines and has forced many of us to stay home and work digitally. Countless schools have temporarily closed and transitioned to online platforms. These are certainly challenging times but there is some guidance from stories such as Newton’s. Coupled with the abundance of online tools at our disposal, our child’s time at home can remain fruitful and fulfilling.

Here are a number of ways to help students feel more motivated and enthusiastic about studying and working online.

Create a community – Zoom and other video conferencing tools are commonly used for classroom or instructional sessions. But consider their use as study periods or class discussion periods as well. Scheduling a time with your student’s peers and allowing them to group chat and work together will help them feel like they are still in a classroom. That can go a long way in helping them stay engaged and feel like an active part of their class community.

Utilize Online Resources – There are countless study apps and tools online to help students stay working hard throughout the day. From Khan Academy to John Green’s Crash Course series on YouTube, and from Quizlet to Kahoot, there are a myriad of great resources to supplement any academic topic.

Environment & Routine – To make the best of your student’s digital sessions, consider establishing a study environment. Even a small, yet dedicated space, can significantly improve feeling prepared and staying focused. Additionally, routines are paramount during challenging times. Help your child identify good habits and stick to a reasonable routine. Furthermore, breaks are essential to battling computer fatigue. Remind your child to keep good posture in front of the screen and encourage the habituation of breaks. A quick stretch, jumping jacks, or even a trip to the kitchen for water can help keep fatigue at bay. Encourage them to go outside and get fresh air – schedule outdoor recess and PE into your routine.

Study Methods – A great way to make learning new material more manageable is to utilize techniques like Focus & Diffuse. Dr. Barbara Oakley, an engineering professor and creator of the most popular course on Coursera entitled, Learning How to Learn, stresses the importance of modulating between a period of deep focus for about 25 minutes and a diffuse period (defined as a period of doing something unrelated to the topic at hand) for about 5 minutes. No matter what type of learner your child may be, this method helps with making complex ideas more manageable.

Stay Fueled/Stay Hydrated/Stay Rested – Hunger, dehydration, and being tired are major distractions. Keep students focused by encouraging them to eat, drink, and sleep well!

Learning at home requires practice of self-motivation and self-discipline, but as the old saying goes, structure is freedom. So encourage your child to make manageable strides towards a practical home-study structure. And although we may not all be as groundbreaking as Isaac Newton, we can certainly lay the ground work for success through good habits and simple routines.

Nathalie Kunin is the founder of Team Tutors. For more information you can visit

NSAIDs & Coronavirus: Should We Be Worried?

By Elisa Song, MD

Elisa SongCan taking NSAID medications like Ibuprofen (aka Motrin or Advil) really make COVID-19 infection worse?

A possible correlation was noted by Olivier Veran, French Minister for Solidarity & Health, after doctors in France observed that young people presenting with more severe illness may have had NSAID use as a common risk factor. Mr. Veran then went on to recommend paracetamol (which is acetaminophen aka Tylenol) if you have a fever instead. Within 18 hours of posting this on his FB page on March 16, 2020, it has literally gone “viral” (no pun intended), and since then, I’ve been flooded with questions from concerned parents whether or not it’s safe to give their child ibuprofen if they suspect they may be infected with SARS-CoV-2.

How To Manage Homeschooling

Tips from a homeschooling mom of four and social emotional learning specialist

By Sofia Dickens

Sofia DickensWith over 50 million kids at home, we’re all trying to make sense of this new reality as moms. How can I make sure my kids don’t fall behind academically? How can I get anything done around here? And how can I help my kids get along in close quarters?
I want to share some friend-to-friend perspective to give you confidence when asking yourself those “how” (or should I say WTF) questions.
Even for those of us who are fortunate enough to have online learning already up and running, there are many hours in the day, and plenty of minutes to dedicate to worrying about your kids getting “enough” of what they need. So I’d like to take a minute to help reframe your thinking about education in order to free you from some of that worry!

March 2021 Must Haves

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LET’S UNITE…and Dream Big!

By Michelle Wolf


One of the best things about us, as women, is our ability to unite together as a community. Call it what you want; Boss Babes, or Girl Gang. Regardless, we can join together to help each other rise up against any adversity (big or small) that might come our way. And you all know I LOVE community, it’s one of my core values!

Becoming a Mother and having my own family is something I am deeply passionate about. Oh; how I longed to be a mom, I tried for three long hard and rewarding years to get pregnant and was devastated by the idea that one of my life-long dreams might not be fulfilled. If I look back on my life as a child the one thing I knew I wanted was to be a mom. I saw it as the most important job so much so that I chose to leave my job in marketing climbing the corporate ladder in hopes to find more balance. No matter how hard I tried to solve the mystery of fertility, it was the first time in my life no matter how hard I worked I could not control the outcome. A great lesson in life of doing vs. being. While science played a role, faith, fate and believing it led my heart to my beautiful girls.


What Does It Take For a Strong Immune System

What you and your kids need to know.

By Raluca SchachterBy Raluca Schachter

We should be rolling in the dirt, gardening, wrestling with some brambles and skinning animals for supper. These are important immune system builders. -Joel Salatin, author, organic and sustainable farmer of Polyface Farms, Virginia, USA

A strong immune system is not achieved through a syringe, pill, miracle plant or supplement. Nor does it come from the use of antibacterial soaps and the creation of a sterile environment without “microbes”. In fact, considering the poor health of many people in modern society, we can say that immunity can no longer be obtained exclusively from a healthy diet and a few natural remedies. It’s not enough anymore. The epidemic of allergies, obesity, gastrointestinal problems, chronic infections, malabsorption and many others have a direct connection to an immune system that has suffered profound dysfunctions. (more…)

Are You a Selfless Giver?

By Carolyn Mahboubi

My blog, “Don’t Be a Selfless Giver”, elicited more questions than answers from my readers. Every day, I receive more emails asking me to dig deeper into the distinctions I identified. The questions run the gamut from, “How do I know if I’m a Matcher or a Giver?”, to “How can I be sure that I’m a Fierce, and not a Selfless Giver?”.

If you’re someone who loves scientific data and evidence, pick up Adam Grant’s brilliant book, “Give and Take”, where he masterfully parses the qualities inherent to each tendency. My clients and readers generally look to me as the person who takes in all the information and distills it into a form that is (I hope) useful to them. I invite you to keep that in mind as you continue to read.


Staying Healthy in the New Year

By Galite Shafer

2020 is behind us! Although, we have a few more challenging months ahead, there is a glimmery light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and now is a great time to make some healthy changes to improve your 2020 weight gain, immunity and whole body health. Here are some key suggestions but please note that if you have any underlying health conditions, please seek your doctor’s counsel before making dietary changes.