15 Parenting Tips, From My 15 Years at The Pump Station & Nurtury

By Cheryl Petran
My daughter Daniela turned 15 in April, and with that I’ll be celebrating 15 years with the Pump Station! Over the years, I’ve interacted with literally hundreds of credentialed parenting experts and thousands upon thousands of expecting and new parents. I’ve heard EVERYTHING – so I thought it might be fun to share 15 tips I’ve learned over the past 15 years! (more…)

A Revolutionary Education Approach

Innovation has been key to School of Rock’s success, beginning with its core music-education approach, The School of Rock Method™, which earlier this year, was awarded a U.S. Patent validating it as an exclusive concept and practice. The groundbreaking School of Rock Method builds musical proficiency through its proprietary Method App™, Method Book™ collection, SongFirst® approach, Method Engine™, and performance-based music curriculum. (more…)

Test-taking Is A Skill

Danny StraussBy Danny Strauss
Founder of A Perfect Score
Test Prep Expert

What better skill to teach a young student than How To Take A Test?

Surprisingly, this is a skill not taught in school. Perhaps it is because we (teachers, students and parents) tend to look at a test score as a reflection of how well a student studied for a test, an indication of a student’s ability, or even as a measurement of how smart they are. But no matter what these tests are telling us about our kids, one thing these tests undoubtedly measure is how well the student takes a test.

There is a performance aspect to test-taking and perhaps it should be looked at the way we look at performance on stage or in a playoff game. Athletes, actors and musicians are certainly aware of having to perform under pressure, in front of an audience, and they factor that into their preparation. Students should, too. (more…)

Overnight Camps in the Time of Covid

Jill LevinBy Jill Levin
Are you looking to send your child to an overnight camp this summer but concerned about Covid? If so, you’re not alone. I think most parents are evaluating whether sending their children away during these times is a good idea.

You should know that the camps that I work with have learned what they need to do to keep campers and staff safe – and have done a great job accomplishing that! Some camps took on this responsibility in the summer of 2020. They followed CDC and state guidelines. For 2021, they shared these best practices with other camps and they remained aware of changes as they occurred. The result was a very successful 2021 camp season. I have every confidence that summer 2022 will be the same. (more…)

Why You should Support City Council Candidate Dr. Sharona Nazarian

Dr. Nazarian promises public safety, economic development and improved quality of life.

Q: Why are you running for council?
A: I am running for Beverly Hills City Council because I have dedicated my career to public service and I have a deep commitment to giving back to the community that has given me so many opportunities. I am a proud immigrant, active in the community and a philanthropic advocate. I am a 30-year Beverly Hills resident with strong community ties and currently a Beverly Hills Public Works Commissioner and LA County Commissioner for Alcohol and Other Drugs. I have been actively involved in Beverly Hills for decades. I am a public servant, and our community means everything to me. I love living here with my family, and over the last few months, I realize that we need some fresh and innovative thinking. It is time to bring new energy and ideas to the city council, and together we can do this so our community has more of a voice. (more…)

How to Set Your Intentions for 2022

By Shirin Yadegar

Shirin Yadegar2021 was a year grounded in deep gratitude for having survived a pandemic both physically and emotionally. We locked ourselves in our homes, homeschooled our children and reevaluated our lives.

My family was lucky to have an abundance of food, emotional support and love. We had time to reflect on friendships and family dynamics. We made a pledge to get rid of what doesn’t serve us and fill our buckets with love, compassion and good energy.

Heading into 2022, I have set my intentions based on my discoveries the past year, meditation, and an abundance for readings and podcasts. Here’s what I think will be helpful if you’re willing to open your mind and your heart.


Why parents need to have the porn talk(s) with their kids

By Dr. Gail Dines

Gail DinesTeens are watching more porn than ever before, and it looks nothing like your father’s Playboy! One of the most oft-quoted studies found that nearly 90 percent of the most watched porn videos had some form of violence against women in them. While this may be a surprise to many parents who perhaps imagine porn as merely a naked centerfold, it wasn’t to researchers like me who immerse ourselves in the world of mainstream porn. We know how widespread violent, degrading, and misogynist pornography has become, as well as the implications for the emotional, physical and mental health of young people.


Back to School

Subhead: How to Help Your Children Survive and Thrive.

By Cindy Chanin

It is no surprise that parents and students are anxious about the beginning of in-person school as the 2021-2022 academic year commences. While many harbor concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic such as breakthrough transmission, controversy and inconsistency about messaging around mask wearing, and personal safety at school and events, there’s also concern about whether students are academically prepared for the upcoming year. Most importantly, social and emotional readiness are in question for families and educators. Despite the uncertainty, you and your students can do plenty to get ready for this imminent milestone. Some of the advice circulating is familiar, while some is brand new.


Tips to Set Your Student Up for Success

By Nathalie Kunin

Back to School 2021 has a completely new meaning for students and parents alike. Once again, we will be pivoting to the new normal. Since we do not know exactly what school will look like, it is natural to feel a little unsettled. However, there are some things about Back to School which never change – its time to return to the routine, even though the routine might require some flexibility.


Rekindle Your Child’s Love of Learning

Janis Adams

By Janis Adams
Summer Projects

It’s been a tough year and online learning may have taken its toll. Your children may be numb, zoomed out, and possibly dulled to learning. Now the summer stretches before us and we plan to fill the time with summer school, camps, maybe dance lessons. All great ideas. But the question remains: What will rekindle your child’s love of learning?