Rekindle Your Child’s Love of Learning

Janis Adams

By Janis Adams
Summer Projects

It’s been a tough year and online learning may have taken its toll. Your children may be numb, zoomed out, and possibly dulled to learning. Now the summer stretches before us and we plan to fill the time with summer school, camps, maybe dance lessons. All great ideas. But the question remains: What will rekindle your child’s love of learning?


Learning meets fun for kids with ClicBot, an advanced STEM Robot

By Chen Zang

Keyi Tech, one of the leading robotics companies is launching its latest STEM robot, ClicBot, in the US. Bringing their industry expertise in building robots, Keyitech created ClicBot with an aim to provide hands-on learning for kids between the age groups 5-10 and 10-15.

The ClicBot has been designed to provide kids with an easy-to-use robot that educates them while letting them use their creativity. This robot lets your kids’ education run wild thanks to its modular design that will allow your kids to build their own robots by rearranging the pieces out of the package per their liking.


Your Next Food or Cosmetic Purchase May Help these Wildlife Rescue Conservationists Save an Elephant

By Nathan Sen, DVM, Wildlife Rescue Unit Manager and Chief Veterinarian

Nathan Sen

As Malaysians were in total lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, a sweet-natured baby elephant named Sahabat was found wandering near an oil palm plantation. In Malaysia’s Sabah state, our Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) answered an emergency call and swooped in to rescue her.

Veterinarians discovered that the Sahabat was nearly blind from severe eye infections in both eyes. This is likely why she was separated from her family. Field medical treatment was given to the infected eyes and preparations were made to transport her to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park for proper medical treatment. A special holding crate was made overnight by workers to make a quick transport possible.


Life Skills – Do Our Kids Even Have Them?

By Cyndi BuckleyBy Cyndi Buckley

Gone are the days where high school students have Home Ec, the in-school class that teaches how to cook, sew on a button, tie a tie, prep a budget, and other necessary life skills taught by people other than your parents. Today, young adults are grinding their lives with hectic schedules, including school demands, after-school activities, and test prep, with the added pressure to do well in all of these areas. This lifestyle has created fried and fragile people as they head out into the world independently for the first time. They find themselves in an environment where making a small decision becomes impossible. (more…)

LET’S UNITE…and Dream Big!

By Michelle Wolf


One of the best things about us, as women, is our ability to unite together as a community. Call it what you want; Boss Babes, or Girl Gang. Regardless, we can join together to help each other rise up against any adversity (big or small) that might come our way. And you all know I LOVE community, it’s one of my core values!

Becoming a Mother and having my own family is something I am deeply passionate about. Oh; how I longed to be a mom, I tried for three long hard and rewarding years to get pregnant and was devastated by the idea that one of my life-long dreams might not be fulfilled. If I look back on my life as a child the one thing I knew I wanted was to be a mom. I saw it as the most important job so much so that I chose to leave my job in marketing climbing the corporate ladder in hopes to find more balance. No matter how hard I tried to solve the mystery of fertility, it was the first time in my life no matter how hard I worked I could not control the outcome. A great lesson in life of doing vs. being. While science played a role, faith, fate and believing it led my heart to my beautiful girls.


Are You a Selfless Giver?

By Carolyn Mahboubi

My blog, “Don’t Be a Selfless Giver”, elicited more questions than answers from my readers. Every day, I receive more emails asking me to dig deeper into the distinctions I identified. The questions run the gamut from, “How do I know if I’m a Matcher or a Giver?”, to “How can I be sure that I’m a Fierce, and not a Selfless Giver?”.

If you’re someone who loves scientific data and evidence, pick up Adam Grant’s brilliant book, “Give and Take”, where he masterfully parses the qualities inherent to each tendency. My clients and readers generally look to me as the person who takes in all the information and distills it into a form that is (I hope) useful to them. I invite you to keep that in mind as you continue to read.


A life with meaning

By Ellie Tabibian

During turbulent times of intense disruptions many of us suddenly step back and take stock of our lives. What do I want to do instead? How do I make my mark in the world? This is the time to reflect and maybe pivot a little. Or a lot. And it’s a time to find like-minded people to share our passions and our dreams. I can relate.

Having repurposed my career and coached 100s of stuck moms and professionals, one fact remains the same. We need to find our tribe with people who share a strong connection with us. We need to matter when we contribute.

Not sure where to begin?

That’s easy to fix. There are assessments to help you find your tribe of people who share your interests. This is the first step to point you in the right direction. But don’t stop there.

Take a moment to understand what drives you. Thinking about any typical day this week. What peak moments brought a smile to your face or created joy for others? In that moment, were you thinking, achieving, influencing someone, or building relationships? Maybe you lost track of time and it fulfilled a value important to you. It felt easy, natural. It felt like…you. And you mattered.


Giving Children a Fair Chance in Life

Go Campaign delivers local solutions to communities around the world.

By Gina Katz

Since 2006, GO Campaign has directly improved the lives of over 160,000 vulnerable children around the world by partnering with 166 pioneering Local Heroes, delivering local solutions to communities in 37 countries. GO Campaign shines a light on grassroots programs and has funded over 430 projects, giving children access to education, medical care, shelter, food, clean water and a fair chance in life.

GO identifies, carefully vets, then listens to Local Heroes around the world who are advocating for change to help vulnerable children in their communities thrive, because they know better than anyone what they need. (more…)

How to Regain Your Family’s Work-Life-School Equilibrium

By Lacie Martin

Is your family feeling off-kilter these days? The world as a whole is pretty off-kilter it seems, and it’s easy to feel like everything is inside-out. Schedules as a rule shifted every which way, and even running errands looks different from how it looked a handful of months ago. Happily, there are several things you can do to get back on track. Check out these resources that will help you and your family regain a healthy sense of balance:

Develop Boundaries

Boundaries are a must for everyone in your family. Reinforcing them in terms of schedules and priorities is the best way to get your footing back on solid ground. (more…)

How to Thrive During the Pandemic

By Shirin Yadegar

shirinWhen schools closed across the country in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring, we found ourselves in a strange situation but we all tried to make the best in our “once in a lifetime” situation at home with our kids.

Now with the indefinite closure of schools we are stressed, exhausted and confused. Making sure the kids are physically, emotionally and academically taken care of is more than we can handle. Organization is the key to success.

That’s why I’ve come up with a list of the best ways to ease the stress and chaos that comes with social distancing. (more…)