Finding Courage in Loss

Ruth MolinariBy Ruth Molinari

Why? I don’t know. The only way I’ll ever know is when I see him again… and I will!!
Emilio’s death shocked our communities to the core. A perfectly healthy boy dying in a flash scared the shit out of everybody and tested our faiths. We are good people… we’ve always done right in our lives… we’ve always prayed to God as a family and believed in spiritual law and karma. Nothing made sense as to why?

I don’t think God hates me. I don’t think God has forgotten about me or that I’m being punished. I don’t think God loves me less because another human being might be saved. I have always felt, and feel, that there is something beyond us all that is happening. Something higher, something greater.


Ways to Prepare Your High Schooler for College

As it usually does, the time has flown by and your little baby is now going to high school. These next four years are not only crucial to determining what opportunities may be available to them after graduation but are also necessary to prepare your teen for college. Outside of making sure they have done their research, go on tours, talked with their counselors, written an essay, and taken all of their tests, you want to make sure that your teen has adopted the life skills necessary to survive the campus life.

As some of you may know, college is a lot different from grade school, middle school, or high school. It is a diverse educational environment that requires a great deal of effort, responsibility, and skill to master. By taking the time now to prepare your teen, they can transition into college life much easier. Below, are some suggestions on how to prepare your high schooler for life on campus. (more…)

How to Manage it All

You need your job to provide for your children, but the demands of doing both are starting to weigh on you heavily. Every day you’re required to get the kids off to school, manage the office, and then come home to wrangle in the household. Seeing as how you’re only one person, it really is a lot. In fact, the responsibility of it all is starting to have an effect on how you perform at work and your ability to be a great mom at home.

Don’t Suffer in Silence
Working as a mother has always been a struggle. Although there have been many changes made to the business environment to try and make things easier and equality for women in the workplace, it doesn’t stop the challenges you face at home. Unfortunately, many suffer in silence and make it appear as if all is right with the world. (more…)

Why Are Women So Stressed Out? And What You Can Do to Tackle It

Everyone has their fair share of stress, but has anyone ever wondered why women get the brunt of it? Often bearing the weight of the world on her shoulders, the average woman encounters an overwhelming amount of stress on the regular basis. You’ve got so many hats to wear from wife and mother to homemaker and career woman, that juggling it all at the same time isn’t always a piece of cake. When things start to fall apart for the “backbone” of the family, things can get out of hand.

When Stress Becomes Too Much
You may be thinking that stress is a normal part of life. That is a fact. However, too much of it can wreak havoc on everything you’re working so hard to build. When a person becomes chronically stressed out or emotionally drained, it can look sort of like this: (more…)

Parents Need to Understand Porn

By Gail Dines
Gail Dines

‘Hardcore’ porn is everywhere.

Surveys and our own experiences show that parents are deeply concerned about the easy access their kids now have to porn via mobile devices.

The statistics paint a dismal picture. A recent U.K. study found that 65 percent of 15- to 16-year-olds had viewed pornography, the vast majority of whom reported seeing it by age 14. This is especially problematic given the findings of another study that found a correlation between early exposure to pornography and an expressed desire to exert power over women. (more…)

Is it Wise for a Parent to Homeschool Their Own Child?

By Janis Adams
Lauren RashapThere are times when a traditional school is just not working for your child. It may be as simple as scheduling. Perhaps a child’s personal or professional interests may require a flexibility that schools are unable to accommodate. It may be that a child’s academics do not align with their grade level. The child may be highly gifted or in need of remediation, struggling with a curriculum that does not even closely match their academic level. It may also be emotional, for example, a child that is being bullied. There are many reasons that parents seek alternative options to a one-size-fits-all school.

When a traditional school fails to meet a child’s needs, many parents decide to homeschool. This option sounds fun and creative, anticipating days spent exploring, discussing, and bonding. However, despite these benefits, it can also be over-whelming and frustrating for both the child and the parent. Taking responsibility for a child’s education requires ample time and an unwavering commitment. It is a teaching job and not something to be treated lightly. (more…)

What is Your Child’s Learning Style?

By Alex Munchak
Alex MunchakEvery learner is different; therefore, it is crucial to understand your child’s unique learning style in order to help support their study/learning habits. A short online quiz can help assess your child’s learning style, and in turn, allow you to best support their educational journey at home.

This information can also better inform your choices for after-school activities such as camps, sports, and extracurricular classes. (more…)

CHOOSE WISELY: Why Should You Attend a Summer Camp & Teen Programs Fair?

JillLevinSummer may seem far away, but before you know it, it will be June. Do you have a plan for your children?

NOW is the time to choose a summer OVERNIGHT camp or teen program for your child or teen. How do you decide which one is right for you?

Tips on Trips and Camps summer program advisors are always available to talk by phone, but why not take it a step further and attend a Tips on Trips and Camps Fair? (more…)